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A ton According to medical research, military veterans are FOUR TIMES (4x) more likely to have sleep apnea than the normal civilian population, a truly staggering number. Did you know there are more than 40+ conditions that can be medically linked to cause or aggravate sleep apnea? Youll want to explain to the C&P examiner HOW your Sleep Apnea condition is limiting or affecting your work, life, and social functioning. veterans existing service-connected disability rated at 0 percent or higher. Heres the brutal truth about VA disability claims: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Heres the brutal truth about VA disability claims: Veterans exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Your medical records should include all treatment received for your condition before and after your discharge from the military. You would need a diagnosis and a medical nexus letter that will link your condition to your service or service-connected disability. 26,27 More recent studies have found an even higher prevalence of both CSA and OSA in heart failure patients. A person must have a polysomnogram, either in a sleep lab or at home, in order to be diagnosed with sleep apnea. Brian Reeseis a VA benefits expert, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller You Deserve It: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Veteran Benefits Youve Earned, andfounder of VA Claims InsiderThe Most Trusted Name in Education-Based Resources for Veterans.. study from a VA doctor or a private doctor. This means you do NOT currently have the VA disability rating and compensation YOU deserve, and you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of tax-free compensation and benefits each month. How to Get a 100 Percent VA Rating (if deserved)! Some doctors may have you fill out a questionnaire about your sleep habits. Generally, there are three types of sleep apnea: Oftentimes, the symptoms of the three types of sleep apnea can overlap, making diagnosis more difficult. Veterans may also receive secondary service connection for anxiety and depression if they are already service-connected for sleep apnea. When someone has sleep apnea, their body doesnt get the oxygen it needs. A 100% rating is given if an MET test causes symptoms (like shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations, arrhythmia, or fainting) at 3.0 METs or less. With asthma, the airways narrow and produce extra mucus. Do you take naps? sleep apnea was during you service. A showing of causation requires that the secondary disability be shown to be proximately due to, or the result of, a service-connected disability. Cardiomyopathies often lead to abnormalities in heart function, including arrhythmias, chamber dilation, and reduced pumping ability. People with sleep apnea who underwent coronary bypass surgery had a higher rate of complications than those without sleep apnea. By using this information, you understand that there is no attorney-client relationship created by you reading or using the information contained on this website or in this newsletter, article, or blog. This storage is often necessary for basic functionality of the web site or the storage may be used for the purposes of marketing, analytics, and personalization of the web site such as storing your preferences. Hypersomnolence (i.e., excessive daytime sleepiness), Mental anxiety and/or depression related to combat, Use of alcohol, sedatives, certain medications or tranquilizers. Good news, there is a better way and theres a laundry list of possible sleep apnea secondary conditions. In this post, we will be exploring how to get a VA Rating for Sleep Apnea. If a veteran does not attend the exam, their claim can be denied. For secondary service connection to sleep apnea, veterans will need: When filing a claim for secondary service connection, veterans can use the same form as primary service connection (VA Form 21-526EZ). When I was on active duty, I had a ton of sleep issues, but I never realized those symptoms might have been due to an underlying sleep apnea condition. We know the pain of feeling stuck, frustrated, and alone, and we want to make this process as easy and painless as possible for you. Exploring the Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease. Dear Veteran, Heres the brutal truth about VA disability claims: According to our data, 8/10 (80%) of veterans reading this message right now are underrated by the VA. VA Form 21-686c: A Quick 8-Step Guide For Veterans. Valvular heart disease is often a secondary condition to another form of heart disease, such as ischemic heart disease. WebA study of data on hypertension patients in the VA healthcare system indicates that blood pressure control has improved significantly and substantially over time, but that many patients have less than optimal blood pressure control (Borzecki et al. Do Heart Stents Qualify for VA Disability Benefits? Brian Reese here, Air Force service-disabled Veteran and Founder @ VA Claims Insider. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has been associated with many different forms of CVD including hypertension, stroke, HF, coronary artery disease, and atrial fibrillation (AF). People with sleep apnea are more likely to have coronary artery disease than those without sleep apnea. So, heres the opinion of VA Claims Insider: If you did NOT have a sleep study while on active duty and you did NOT get a diagnosis of sleep apnea on active duty, you should attempt to service connect your sleep apnea VA claim secondary to another service-connected disability rated at 0 percent or higher. Sleep apnea is sleep disorder that affects a persons breathing during the course of the night. Study Impact: Our findings reveal a close relationship between the atherosclerosis-related burden measured by the coronary artery calcium score and the severity of sleep apnea that persisted after adjusting for confounding variables related to the risk of coronary artery disease. Brian Reese here, Air Force service-disabled Veteran and Founder @ VA Claims Insider. By continuing to use our website, you agree to these updates. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a complex and heterogeneous common chronic disease characterized by repetitive episodes of upper airway collapse, affecting 40%60% of patients with ACS [1, 2]. Usually, a sleep specialist will monitor the veterans breathing overnight for a sleep study. If a veteran is service-connected for anxiety or depression, they may be able to receive secondary service connection for their sleep apnea. After receiving an honorable discharge in 2018, Trisha worked as a growth marketer and utilizes her analytic skills to help others accomplish their business goals. Does Sleep Apnea Cause Coronary Artery Disease? WebObstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a more common disorder than currently diagnosed in the clinic. The VA assigns the following ratings for veterans based on the severity of their sleep apnea: PTSD, Hypertension, Asthma, Cardiovascular Conditions, Type II Diabetes, Mental Health Conditions, Respiratory Conditions, Alzheimers disease. You may be eligible for benefits if you have a service-related heart condition requiring treatment with a stent. If treatment for sleep apnea provides only limited alleviation, you will only receive ten percent of your maximum compensation, even if a CPAP machine is required. You Deserve It: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Veteran Benefits Youve Earned, 9 Secrets Strategies for Winning Your VA Disability Claim. The inability to get the kind of restful sleep necessary for optimal health can affect a veterans ability to effectively secure and maintain gainful employment, which is often the case with sleep apnea. A stress test is important in diagnosing and managing ischemic heart disease. People with sleep apnea are more likely to have coronary artery disease than those without sleep apnea. Since 2016, VA Claims Insider has helped thousands of Veterans just like you get the VA rating and compensation they deserve in less time. This guide will provide an overview of the most common conditions secondary to ischemic heart disease. A polysomnogram is a sleep study in which medical devices are used to monitor a persons breathing, heart rate, and the electrical activity of their brain waves while they sleep. Copyright 2023 VA Claims Insider, LLC. Brooklyn, NY: 300 Cadman Plaza West, One Pierrepont Plaza, 12th Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 These sleep disturbances can occur from tens to hundreds of times per night. How to File a Claim on VA.gov (step-by-step)! The disability compensation ranges from $152.64- 3,332.06 (rates based on veteran alone). This can range from CPAP therapy, lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and others. Symptoms of GERD include: Veterans who suffer fromsleep apneamay find that the condition aggravates or causes GERD. Since that time, we have provided compassionate One of the main risk factors for sleep apnea is obesity, which other conditions like ischemic heart disease can also cause. Tinnitus is known as the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. For instance, which pages you go to most. Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, but many who have sleep apnea do snore regularly and loudly. Although it can happen to anyone, it is more common in people who are overweight, have large tonsils, or have certain medical conditions. People with ischemic heart disease are at an increased risk for developing valvular heart disease, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms and get regular checkups.As mentioned previously with other heart conditions; although valvular heart disease can be filed secondary to IHD, the VA will not assign separate ratings. Heres a quick litmus test: If you snore during sleep, are tired during the day (maybe you take frequent naps), and stop/start breathing while sleeping (gasping for air), chances are you might have Sleep Apnea. Some of the most common secondary conditions include sleep apnea, heart failure, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, and valvular heart disease. Proposed rating must be based on entire medical history, Must show there has been improvement in veterans functionality, If you have a rating that has remained the same for over five years (stabilized), If you have a total disability rating, meaning 100 percent rating. In addition, sleep apnea can lead to oxidative stress, which is a type of damage to cells that can contribute to heart disease. Evidence (echocardiogram, multigated acquisition scan, MRI, etc.) The chemical has been linked to various health problems, including cancer, congenital disabilities, and ischemic heart disease. These cookies are also used to let affiliates know if you came to one of our websites from an affiliate and if your visit resulted in the use or purchase of a product or service from us, including details of the product or service purchased. If youre stuck, frustrated, underrated, and currently rated between 0%-90%, VA Claims Insider Elite is for you! WebNexus Letters for GERD, Coronary Artery Disease, & Fatty Liver Disease. If accepted into our ELITE membership program, youll get free up-front access and permission to use $13,119 worth of proprietary VA claim resources, including access to our network of independent medical professionals for medical examinations, disability evaluations, and credible Medical Nexus Letters, which could help you get a HIGHER VA rating in LESS time. Contact Us service connection: The first part can be satisfied with any Specifically, both anxiety and depression can be linked to sleep apnea. So the brain tells the body to wake up just enough to tighten the muscles and unblock the air passage. There are many conditions that have been linked to sleep apnea that veterans can receive benefits for through secondary service connection. Learn more about us, Veterans Disability Claim As such, a veteran with anxiety and depression faces a higher risk of sleep apnea. All Rights Reserved. These cookies allow the website to remember choices you make to give you better functionality and preferences such as text size, fonts and other customizable website elements. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for managing cardiomyopathies. During a C&P exam for sleep apnea, you will be asked questions about your condition and how it affects your day-to-day life. The most common symptoms include: There are a multitude of potential causes of sleep apnea in adults, but in veterans specifically, the causes could include: To confirm a diagnosis of sleep apnea, a sleep study must be given to show that you are experiencing breathing problems, and other sleep disorders and health problems have been ruled out. Generally, to establish service connection, the veteran needs to submit three things to VA: Veterans can submit a claim for service connection on VA From 21-526EZ. Okay veterans lets take a minute to explore the law regarding the symptoms and level of impairment required to warrant a VA disability rating for Sleep Apnea. Many veterans are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, and thereforewith an effective claim that includes the right evidenceshould be eligible for a sleep apnea VA rating. As a part of the VAs duty to assist veterans in obtaining evidence to help prove their claim, the VA has a duty to assist veterans in scheduling the examination for a sleep study and helping them realize the VA disability claim that they are entitled to. All Rights Reserved. Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which a persons breathing is repeatedly interrupted, or ceases, during the course of a nights sleep. You have a nexus (or link) between #1 and #2 via competent medical evidence, such as a Nexus Letter. Its also important to document whether you have a breathing machine, such as a CPAP or BiPAP, as this is the most common difference between the 30% and 50% VA rating for Sleep Apnea. Cardiomyopathies are a group of disorders that affect the structure and function of the heart muscle. Asymptomatic sleep apnea would not be compensated under the tentative regulation. However, in February 2022, VA proposed changes that would reclassify sleep apnea ratings to 0 percent, 10 percent, 30 percent, or 50 percent, with 100 percent for sleep apnea seeming even harder to qualify for. Sleep apnea treatment may help reduce the risk of developing or worsening coronary artery disease. You can increase the chances of successfully demonstrating a service connection by completing the three parts of the Caluza triangle: It can also be important to document and disclose your Severity of Symptoms in terms of their frequency, severity, and duration. diagnosis and sleep study occurred years AFTER leaving active duty). Many veterans have or develop Sleep Apnea and common signs and symptoms include: If you suffer from any of these symptoms, its highly recommended to see a doctor right away. How Does Chronic Congestive Heart Failure Affect Ischemic Heart Disease? These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine puts it simply. If the VA grants service connection for both conditions, they will only assign whichever has the higher rating. The VA will usually order a sleep study to be performed in order to confirm a current diagnosis of sleep apnea. For now, these ratings are merely a proposal so stay tuned to this page while we update. I have diagnoses post-service for GERD, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. How hard is it to get VA disability for sleep apnea? CCK Recognized for Donations to American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial, CCK Successfully Argues for a Precedential Decision About Protected Work Environment, A Day in the Life of a Paralegal (Claims Advocate) at CCK. Anxiety and depression can interfere with a persons sleep patterns, as well as cause symptoms of hyperarousal or hypervigilance. With an audible gasp, breathing starts again. This causes discomfort and inflammation. If you are the surviving spouse of a disabled veteran who has passed away, youre eligible Average Disability Payment Agent Orange Ischemic Heart Disease, VA Secondary Conditions to Ischemic Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea Secondary to Ischemic Heart Disease, Heart Failure Secondary to Ischemic Heart Disease, Arrhythmias Secondary to Ischemic Heart Disease, Cardiomyopathies Secondary to Ischemic Heart Disease, Valvular Heart Disease Secondary to Ischemic Heart Disease. A 50% rating would be given if treatment was ineffective or you were unable to use therapies due to another condition. Medical evidence and documented medical records from a VAC&P exam will be necessary for the process of filing your claim and could even reveal other secondary conditions. BUT, you must act now, and you must get a sleep By law, there are three evidentiary elements that One in five adults suffers from at least mild sleep apnea; it afflicts more men than women. Cincinnati, OH: 300 E Business Way, Suite 200, Summit Woods Corporate Center, Cincinnati, OH, 45241 Signup to never miss a beat with special offers, blog updates, exclusive trainings, and more delivered right to your inbox! If the VA grants service connection for both conditions, they will only assign whichever condition has the higher rating. As such, veterans who are service-connected for PTSD are eligible for secondary service connection for their sleep apnea. The VA will consider the severity of the veterans symptoms. Research from 2018 estimates that obstructive sleep apnea affects 34% of men and 17% of women in the general population but 40% of men and 60% of women with cardiovascular disease. She was a former US Airforce civilian employee, who worked at Hill Air Force Base, in Layton, UT as a flight testing administrator. Sleep apnea can cause various health problems, including heart disease. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is also sometimes known as deep sleep. If your obstructive sleep apnea VA claim, or other sleep apnea claim, was originally denied, you may be able to appeal the rating and receive VA disability compensation. Sinusitis is a condition where a persons sinuses become swollen and inflamed for three months or longer, despite treatment. You're not alone. Need an Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) to help service-connect your sleep apnea VA claim? Have you been affected by Camp Lejeune water contamination? At VA Claims Insider, we help you understand and take control of the claims process, so you can get the rating and compensation youre owed by law. service-connect your sleep apnea claim even if youve already filed or been Please call for an appointment before visiting: Mail Processing Center: P.O. Loud snoring can keep anyone who sleeps nearby from getting good rest. It can cause a Heart Attack, the most common type of valvular heart disease. One of the most common causes of heart failure is ischemic heart disease, which occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle become blocked or narrowed. Arrhythmias occur when the heart muscle cannot pump blood effectively, which can cause the heart to beat too fast or too slow. Ann Am Thorac Soc. How to Get a VA Rating for Sleep Apnea Secondary to Anxiety (The Insiders Guide), Can I Get a VA Rating for Sleep Apnea Secondary to Depression? (The Insiders Guide). Although all of these symptoms contribute to the interaction betweensleep apnea and PTSD, the main culprits seem to be sleep deprivation and chronic stress. must be satisfied for sleep apnea secondary conditions to prove secondary The DBQ allows an examiner at a C&P exam to check boxes next to descriptions that best express how your sleep apnea is affecting you. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the force of blood against artery walls is too high. I am service connected for severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). nc american legion baseball standings,